We have extensive review courses for both AP Computer Science A and AP CS Principles to help students prepare for the end of year AP exams.

You can find our AP CS Principles exam review materials at the end of the AP CSP course in the "AP Exam Review" module

The review is also available in a Playlist at AP CSP Review. From that page you can subscribe your sections to the playlist, or you can send that link directly to your students.

A full 74 question AP CSP Practice Exam is available both in the "AP Exam Review" unit of the AP CSP course, as well as at the end of the review playlist. A direct link to the practice exam can be found here.

Our AP Computer Science A exam review course can be accessed at here.  If you aren't enrolled in the AP Computer Science A review course (you'll know if you get a "Page Not Found" error when accessing the previous link), visit here to enroll yourself and be able to set that as the Main Course for your sections.

In addition to the full AP Computer Science A Review course, the AP Computer Science A course has a practice exam unit at the end of the course in the "AP Test Practice" unit:

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