What is going to be deleted?

  • All Personal Identifiable Data (PII) for student accounts that are not enrolled in any 21-22 sections will be deleted.

  • If you have students enrolled in any sections prior to 21-22, their data will be deleted, even if the section is archived.

  • Examples of data to be deleted: names, usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, login history, and site history.

Will I ever be able to get this information back?

No. If there is an issue with student information that is being deleted, please reach out to your district’s privacy contact before the deletion occurs.

I'd like to access student assignments from a previous course, where data has been deleted. Is it possible to do that?

You will still be able to access student work from previous years’ sections, but their accounts will be anonymized (i.e., you will not be able to identify the account that was associated with the student work).

Some of my students are still working through a previous year's section. If they aren't enrolled in a section for this year, how can I stop their accounts from being deleted?

To keep student accounts active, you can create a new Section (for this year) and enroll the student in that Section. Then, you'll need to contact support@codehs.com to transfer student progress over to the new section.

The easiest way to do this is by going to your Roster Page > Manage Student Accounts > Create New Section From Roster. Ensure that you choose the same course as the prior year's section so that progress can be transferred.

Is there a way for teachers to download student programs before data is deleted?

Prior to data deletion, teachers can find their students' programs by looking in the Class Sandbox. Teachers can also navigate directly to a specific student's account to find a program. From the Sandbox, teachers can fork the assignment to their own sandbox for safekeeping.

Is there any other way for a student to save their work?

Students can create accounts using our free individual plan and copy over work into their sandbox. Here is a link you can share with them: https://codehs.com/signup/individual/free

Can I opt out of the deletion?

Data deletion is in accordance with your school and/or district’s student privacy policy. To find out who is responsible for data privacy contracts, please reach out to your school or district admin.

If you have students who are 18 years or older, it's possible to opt those individual students out of the data deletion process. To do so:

  • Go to your Data Deletion Dashboard, click Opt-Out, and enter that student's personal email address.

  • The student will need to log into their CodeHS account using that personal email address and click "Forgot Password" when logging in to set a new password.

You will need to confirm the accuracy of the information provided. Entering inaccurate information is a breach of your school and/or district's privacy policy.

Still have questions? Contact our team at hello@codehs.com to learn more!

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