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To learn more about our commitment to accessibility, visit our Accessibility Statement.

CodeHS Accessibility Features

Students can set their default Code Editor settings in their Account settings so that they load each time they visit CodeHS. To do this, students can:

  1. click their name in the top-right

  2. click Account Settings

  3. click the IDE tab on the left to adjust their settings:

screenshot of the account settings link found in the top-right corner when students click their name
screenshot of the account settings tab where students can set their IDE preferences

  • Editor Font: adjusts the font size of the student's code

  • Console Output Font: adjusts the font size of the console on the right

  • Editor Theme: allows students to change the color scheme of the Code Editor to a higher contrast theme, such as Terminal or Monokai

  • Editor Autocomplete: automatically adds closing brackets while typing code

  • Blocks/Text Settings: toggle block coding

Students can also change their Code Editor settings at any time by clicking the gear near the top-left in Code Editor:

.gif demonstration of changing the Code Editor settings on CodeHS

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