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Course Overview

The CodeHS Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course teaches students the foundational programming concepts of AI.

Students learn how to incorporate basic Artificial Intelligence algorithms in their own work, and consider the social and ethical implications of using Artificial Intelligence in a larger context. Students will develop a series of projects that illustrate the variety of ways AI can be used to optimize and predict information.

There is also a month-long version of the course that includes the first two modules, What is AI? and AI in Gaming.

What’s Covered in Intro to Artificial Intelligence

This course is a semester-long course that is designed for high school students who have completed an introductory Python course. Students who have taken a programming course in a different language can take the course, but they will need additional support in learning Python syntax.

There are two versions available of the course available:

  • A month-long version of the course that includes the first two modules: What is AI? and AI in Gaming.

    • The month-long course is intended for teachers who are interested in teaching students some of the basics of AI, without spending an entire semester diving into the topic.

  • A full-semester version of the course which includes all four modules.

    • The full semester course is a deep dive into AI. Students will cover AI use in gaming, and learn how to create chatbots and predictive models.

Course Overview


This course is intended for students who have taken Introduction to Python 3 through CodeHS. It contains some advanced programming concepts that require students to have familiarity with lists, tuples, and using libraries. There are tutorials throughout the course that can be used to teach or re-teach the required programming concepts for course assignments.

Demo Program: Alpha Beta Pruning

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