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While creating assignment descriptions using CodeHS Create, sometimes you may want to insert an image from your Google Drive. Since 'Sharing' an image from Google Drive does not actually provide a direct link, there are a few more steps involved in finding a direct link that you can embed using Markdown:

  1. Find the Image ID, and

  2. Insert the image ID into an embed link

Finding Image ID

To find the ID of an image file:

  1. Navigate to the file on your Drive

  2. Click the eye icon to Preview

  3. Click the three dots … and click Open in New Window:

animated .gif showing navigation to Google Drive, clicking ... in the top right corner, and open in new window to view URL

In this new window's URL, the string of text after

is the ID of the image file.

For example, in the following URL:

This is the ID:


screenshot highlighting the image file ID in the Google Drive URL

Insert into Embed Link

Now that you have the image file ID, you can create a direct link to the image that can be used in Markdown or HTML.<FILE_ID>

Using the above image ID example, the final URL would look like:

This is a direct link that you can use in HTML or Markdown.

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