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Using Quick Find to Search Your CodeHS Account
Using Quick Find to Search Your CodeHS Account

Use the Quick Find site search feature to quickly locate students, tools, and more

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Accessing and Using the Search Feature

Click on Quick Find in the left hand nav bar, or press cmd+k for Mac or ctrl+k for Windows to launch the search bar.

Image with arrow pointing to the left-hand sidebar on CodeHS. The top link is the Quick Find link.

You can search for students, tools, sections, courses, and resources through the search bar. Choices will populate below as you type. Use the arrow keys and hit enter or click on one of the search results to navigate to that page.

Screenshot of Quick Find tool in action. User is filtering their search and several search results can be seen.

You can even create a new Sandbox Program directly from the search bar by typing in "New Program."

Image showing Quick Find being used to create a new Sandbox program by typing New Program

Quick Find Video Tutorial

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