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For Students: Resetting Your Passwords and Login Troubleshooting
For Students: Resetting Your Passwords and Login Troubleshooting

How to recover or reset your password when you are unable to sign in to your account

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Double Check your Information

It may sound simple, but first double-check that you are using your school-issued email address and not your personal email address.

Teachers Can Reset your Account

If you can't access your account, your teacher can update your password. You can also view helpful troubleshooting tips below.

Troubleshooting Tips

Issue: Can't Sign In with Username and Password

If you can't sign in with your username and password, try signing in with Google; if your class uses Google Classroom or if your account was created with a Google account, you can sign in by clicking the Log in with Google button:

Image showing Log in with Google button

If your class uses Clever, you may need to launch CodeHS from Clever instead of using a username and password on the CodeHS site.

Image of Clever login page

If your school uses Canvas, you may need to launch CodeHS from Canvas.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can always click the Forgot Password button to try to reset your password and retry logging in with your username or email.

Issue: Logging in with Google Goes to the Wrong Account

If you are using Chrome, the browser can become associated with your Google Account, which will automatically log you into CodeHS.

You can solve this by signing out, then logging in to the correct Google account:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the circle in the top right-hand side of the browser.

  3. Click Sign out.

  4. Log in with your current account!

Image showing how to sign out of google account

One way to prevent this is to use an incognito window when signing in to CodeHS. You can open an incognito window by clicking the three dots at the top right of the Chrome browser and clicking New Incognito Window, or by pressing Control + Shift + N (Windows) or Command + Shift + N (macOS) on your keyboard.

Image showing incognito window

Please note that some schools disable incognito browsing on their devices, so if this doesn’t seem to exist, it’s most likely because your school disabled that feature.

Still have questions? Ask your teacher!

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