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For Students: Sending Questions to Your Teacher
For Students: Sending Questions to Your Teacher

Learn how to use the CodeHS communication tool to send messages directly to your teacher.

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If you have questions while working through a problem on CodeHS, you can quickly communicate with your teacher, directly in the Code Editor or by sending chat messages!

How to Send a Message from the Code editor

Simply go to the More tab in your Code Editor and select Conversation. Here you can send messages back and forth to your teacher (or co-teacher). This is a great spot to go when you have a question on a specific problem or exercise.

Image showing Conversation tab

How to Send a Chat Message to Your Teacher

Click into your section, and choose Conversation from the left navigation bar. Write your comment to your teacher and press send.

How to View Your Teacher's Response

When your teacher responds, you'll get a notification in your Inbox which can be found along the top navigation of your CodeHS account (see below). For messages sent in your assignment, you can view the full conversation by going to the Code Editor, clicking the More tab and Conversation.

Image showing Inbox in top navigation panel

Still have questions? Ask your teacher for help!

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