The Create Module and Create Lesson tools let you create and organize activities in any Course or Section that you're teaching. You can even add custom activities inside of pre-existing CodeHS Courses!

Add a Module

  1. Navigate to the Assignment Page for the Course/Section you want to edit

  2. Click Add > Module

  3. Name your Module. You can even upload a Custom image for your Module!

Go to Assignment Page > Add > Module to create a new module

Your new Module will appear at the bottom of the Assignments page. Add Lessons and Assignments to continue building out your Module!

Add a Lesson

  1. Expand the Module by clicking the plus sign

  2. Click Add Lesson

  3. Name your Lesson and press Enter

From the assignment page: Click plus sign to expand module, click add lesson to add a new lesson

Add an Activity

Expand your Lesson by clicking the plus sign and click Add Assignment.

Click here to learn more about creating Assignments!

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