Sharing Sandbox Programs and Code

  • Teachers’ Sandbox programs are automatically shared. Any program a teacher creates in Sandbox is automatically public. Anyone can visit the URL of a Sandbox program and see it in the editor.
  • Visiting the URL of a Sandbox program will take you to the IDE so you can see the output side-by-side with the code, mess around and make some changes, and even fork the program to your own sandbox.
  • Logged-out users can also create shared programs in the sandbox and send them to their friends or teacher.
  • If you'd like to exclusively share the output, like before, you can turn "Show Code" off in your share settings:

Embedding Sandbox Programs

Sandbox Programs also have an embed link which are used to embed them in a webpage. The “embed” link is the URL for your shared program with “/embed” at the end.

Copy or Fork Sandbox Code to add to your own Sandbox

Forking is the ability to copy a program to your own sandbox, essentially taking a snapshot of it and making it your own.

  • Go to the shared link of any Sandbox program
  • Hit the Fork button to create a separate copy of the code in your Sandbox.
  • Making and saving changes to this copy won't affect the original program.

CodeHS Tutorial

Our team created a tutorial to show how you can use the CodeHS Graphics JavaScript library outside of CodeHS on any website. Check it out here:

How to Use the CodeHS JS Library On Your Website

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