Creating a CodeHS Account

Your teacher should give you a URL or a Class Code. If you click on the URL, you’ll be asked to create an account with CodeHS. You can also go to and sign up as a student, then enter the Class Code to join your teacher’s Section.

  • Click the Join Link or copy and paste it into your browser

If your Teacher Gave you a Class Code

  • Go to
  • Click Sign Up
  • Click Create Student Account

Create Your Account

  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter an email address (Note: your email address does not need to be a working email. This will be your login and your teacher can change it later if they need to)
  • Create a password (Your teacher can help with resetting your password if you need it.)
  • If your teacher gave you a Class Code, enter it at the bottom of the page. If your teacher sent you a Join Link, it will be filled in automatically.
  • If you don't have a class code, you'll see this - ask your teacher if you don't have a class code:

Starting Your Assignments in CodeHS

  • Whenever you login, you will see your student page which lists all the sections in which you are enrolled
  • Click on the name of the section to see all modules in a Section and start working through curriculum.
  • Clicking on Resume takes your to the last activity you were working on.

Enrolling in Another Section from the Student Page

If you already have a CodeHS account, you can enroll in a new Section by using the Class Code.

  • If you’re logged into CodeHS and visit the invitation URL, you’ll automatically go to the Join Section page
  • Enter the class code for your new section
  • You will now see the new section displayed on your student page

Signing up through Google Classroom

If your teacher uses Google Classroom, you won’t need a Class Code. After your teacher creates their section, all you need to do is:

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