Google Classroom Grade Passback is a feature of CodeHS Pro that allows enhanced syncing of grades and assignments between the two platforms.

With Google Classroom Grade Passback enabled:

  • Teachers can assign CodeHS assignments to Google Classroom

  • Students can submit their work to Google Classroom via CodeHS

  • Teachers can grade assignments on CodeHS and pass the grade to Google Classroom

Assign CodeHS Assignments

Using the Google Classroom Assigner tool, you can import a CodeHS course to Google Classroom and then assign CodeHS content to your Google Classroom students. You can access this tool in Google Classroom sections by navigating to the section and going to Course Settings > Google Classroom:

arrow points to Google Classroom in drop down menu from top nav bar

To ensure that Grade Passback works correctly, assign each individual assignment to students. You can learn more about this tool in this article: Google Classroom Assigner

Submit Assignments

Students can submit CodeHS assignments to Google Classroom, which will change their assignment status to “turned in” on Google Classroom and will have a link to their work on CodeHS.

To enable this feature, students must give CodeHS permission to submit on their behalf to Google Classroom. Students can give permission by visiting this link:

This page prompts students to give CodeHS access to their Google Classroom account:

gif shows prompt asking permission from google to send data

Teachers can see which students have given permission by clicking on Manage Student Accounts to access the Roster Info page. A student who has given permission will have the Google Classroom icon next to their name:

arrow points to Manage Student Accounts button on roster page
google icon is to the far right of student information

Grade Assignments

Enable Google Classroom Grade Passback for CodeHS grades to show up in your Google Classroom Gradebook.

From your Google Classroom-synced CodeHS section:

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper-right to open the Section Settings page

  2. Click the Turn On Grade Passback button:

blue button says turn on grade passback

After enabling this setting, all grades for assignments assigned to Google Classroom will be pushed to Google Classroom.

Please note: changing a grade on Google Classroom will have no effect on your CodeHS grades, but all grades changed or submitted to Google Classroom via CodeHS will be updated after enabling Grade Passback.

Google Classroom Grade Passback is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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