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Syncing Assignments and Grade Passback to Google Classroom
Syncing Assignments and Grade Passback to Google Classroom

Google Classroom Grade Passback allows you to assign, submit, and grade assignments on CodeHS and pass a grade into Google Classroom

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Google Classroom Grade Passback is a feature of CodeHS Pro that allows syncing of grades, due dates, and assignments between the two platforms.

With Google Classroom Grade Passback enabled:

  • Teachers can assign CodeHS assignments to Google Classroom

  • Students can submit their work to Google Classroom via CodeHS

  • Teachers can grade assignments on CodeHS and pass the grade into Google Classroom

Setting up Grade Passback

Steps to complete integration between Google and CodeHS:

  1. Have students give CodeHS permission to submit through their Google account. Students can give permission by visiting this link:

  2. Assign each CodeHS assignment through the Google Classroom Assigner tool.

  3. Enable Google Classroom Grade Passback under the Gradebook's Configure settings.

Student Requirement

Students should navigate here ( and follow the prompt to give permissions to CodeHS.

url_upload_65de13f00e35a.gif [crop output image]

To check which students have completed the permission requirement, go to Roster > Manage Student Accounts. All students who have given permission will have the Google Classroom icon next to their name:

Screenshot of Manage Student Accounts page with pink arrow pointing to Google Classroom logo

Enabling Grade Passback

You can turn on this setting on from the Gradebook:

  1. Navigate to the Gradebook > Configure

  2. Scroll down, check Google Classroom Grade Passback

  3. Click Save

Gif with instructions to Navigate to the Gradebook and click Configure. Scroll down, check Google Classroom Grade Passback. Click Save

You can also enable this setting from the Section Settings page by

  1. Click the gear icon in the upper-right to open the Section Settings page

  2. Click the Turn On Grade Passback button:

blue button says turn on grade passback

Assigning CodeHS Assignments to your Google Classroom

Access the Google Classroom Assigner tool by clicking on Course Settings > Google Classroom:

You must assign each individual assignment in order to pass grades from CodeHS into Google Classroom. Assigning Modules or Lessons will create an entry in Google Classroom, but will not allow for student grades to be synced.

  1. Click the arrows to expand Modules and Lessons and see assignments

  2. Then click the Google Classroom icon to assign each assignment

On the Google Classroom Settings page, clicking into a module, then lesson, and finally clicking on the Google Classroom button on the right of the assignment to assign the activity to the classroom.

Syncing Assignments with Due Dates

Assignments from CodeHS will also import their due date into Google Classroom. To set the due dates and assign to Google Classroom from the same page, go to Course Settings > Due Date + Access Controls.

Use the arrows to expand Modules and Lessons and view assignments in the Course. Set a due date and click the Google Classroom Icon to assign this assignment to your Google Classroom. The due date will be displayed before assigning for confirmation.

Note: Google Classroom does not allow posting assignments with due dates in the past.

Clicking Course Settings, and then Due Dates + Access Controls to bring us to the Due Dates + Access Controls page. Clicking into a module, then lesson, and then choosing a due date for an assignment. Finally, we click on the Google Classroom icon to the right of an assignment to set the due date on Google Classroom

Using Grade Passback

When students submit a synced CodeHS assignment, this will change their assignment status to “turned in” on Google Classroom. Google Classroom will show the grade the student received and display a link to their work on CodeHS.

Please note: Changing a grade on Google Classroom will not effect grades in CodeHS. However, grades that are changed or updated in CodeHS will update to Google Classroom.

Reporting Scores to Google Classroom

If the score for an assignment is not showing in Google Classroom and all settings are correct, you can manually re-send the scores to Google Classroom.

To manually report scores to Google Classroom, you can:

  1. Select the assignment in your Gradebook

  2. Check the box next to all student scores you would like to report

  3. Click Report Scores to Google Classroom.

Gif demonstrating reporting scores to Google Classroom by following the steps above.

Video Tutorial for Grade Passback

Google Classroom Grade Passback is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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