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CodeHS Webinar: Physical Computing with Arduino
CodeHS Webinar: Physical Computing with Arduino

Learn more about the CodeHS Arduino course

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Webinar Overview

Hosted on Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Topics covered: In this webinar, the CodeHS Curriculum Team reviewed the new Intro to Physical Computing with Arduino course as it launches in beta. This new course is geared towards high school students and will refresh their knowledge of basic programming concepts (control structures, variables, functions, etc.) in order to control a physical device. Watch to learn more about this exciting new course where students will create physical computing projects using LEDs, motors, and sensors to give physical devices the ability to interact with their environment!

Learn more about the course: Here and here.

Hosted by:

  • Julia Carson, CodeHS Curriculum Developer

  • Evelyn Hunter, CodeHS Director of Curriculum

Watch the full webinar recording below.

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