Preparing for a CodeHS Certification Exam

Getting students ready for the test, technical set-up, and administering the Certification Exam

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Preparing Students for the Certification Exam

  1. Complete the recommended CodeHS course.

  2. Complete the final exam and supplemental practice units in CodeHS course.

  3. Use CodeHS Practice and the sample exam questions to go through extra practice problems.

  4. Review topics covered on the exam

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Certification Exam Topics

Setting Students’ Expectations

  • Share the Student Certification Guide with your students.

  • The exam is 90 minutes, 45 multiple choice questions.

  • Pace yourself, make sure you’re in a quiet space and minimize interruptions.

  • You will not have access to other CodeHS pages while the exam is in progress.

  • You will have access to a reference sheet with built-in functions and commands that may be included in the certification exam.

  • Exam results will be shared within 14 days of completing the exam.

Exam Day Logistics

Setting an Exam Date

Please coordinate an exam date and time with your students and share the date with your CodeHS Customer Success Manager.

Distributing Vouchers

  • Once you’ve decided on an exam date, you should share it with your CodeHS Customer Success Manager who will set up your exam vouchers.

  • You will be able to access your exam voucher(s) at

  • To get students setup, share this Student How To Guide with steps to access the exam.

Accessing the CodeHS Certification Exam

  1. Students should log into their CodeHS account

  2. Go to or click Certifications along the left-hand navigation bar of their student page

  3. Choose the exam, enter the voucher code provided by their teachers, and click Unlock Exam

  4. Click Start Exam

  5. Before starting, students will be prompted to review the exam instructions and sign the CodeHS Honor Code

  6. Once students sign the Honor Code and click Start, the timer will begin

Post Exam Logistics

  • Teachers will be able to immediately see which students have taken a certification exam by going to and clicking the voucher.

  • Within 14 days of the exams, teachers will receive an email notification with a link to their students’ exam results and a concept mastery report at

Additional Resources


Please contact your CodeHS Customer Success Manager with any questions. Thanks!

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