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You can make you own autograded SQL problems in Playlists. There are only a few steps to writing a good SQL program, and you can see a demo in the video below!

Create an assignment from Create page or Assignments page

Step 1: Create a SQL Exercise

  • Click Create New Assignment from your Create or Assignments page

  • Choose Coding Exercise > Select a SQL Program Type

  • Fill in assignment details: title, description, and starter code

    Gif showing creation of SQL program

Step 2: Add Data through Advanced Settings

  • Click edit next to your assignment

  • Click on Advanced Settings (bottom left)

  • Click the SQL Setup Code Tab

  • Add your data

GIF showing advance settings of SQL assignments

Create an Assignment in a Playlist

  1. Start by creating a playlist, and make a new activity. Choose SQL for the problem type.

  2. Write a description describing what your students should query.

  3. Load in Data in the SQL Setup Code tab by writing queries that generate a Database with your content.

  4. Write the correct query in the Solution Code section of the Code tab.

  5. Assign to your students! They'll be able to load the problem, start with the preloaded data, and write queries. The autograder will automatically check if their results match what your solution code produces.

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