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When will the certification exams be available for my students?
Students will be able to take the CodeHS Certification Exams starting on May 13, 2020.

Are there any prerequisites for the certification exams? Which CodeHS courses prepare students for each exam?
There are no specific prerequisites for the exams. However, we recommend that students take the CodeHS courses listed below to prepare for each exam.

Certification Exam

Recommended CodeHS Course

Java Level 1

AP CSA (Mocha or Nitro)

JavaScript Level 1

Intro to CS in JavaScript

Python Level 1

Intro to Python

Web Design Level 1

Intro to Web Design

Cybersecurity Level 1

Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Level 2

Advanced Cybersecurity

Web Development Level 1

Web Development

Can students take more than one certification exam?
Yes, students can take as many certification exams as they want. A new voucher code will be needed for each exam.

How many times can a student take the exam?
They can retake the exam as many times as needed but each time they take it, they’re required to use a voucher. Each voucher code entered is good for one attempt.

What topics and concepts are covered in each certification exam?

How do we handle / prevent cheating on the exam?
There are a few ways the CodeHS Team has developed to prevent cheating: 

  1. Honor Code: Students will sign an Honor Code before starting the exam.

  2. Focus Mode: When students start the exam, they will not be able to navigate to another CodeHS page. Focus Mode will prevent students from going back to previous exercises, quizzes, and resources on CodeHS during the exam. 

  3. Randomly Generated Questions: Exam questions will be randomly generated from a bank of curated programming problems categorized by specific topics and concepts.

  4. Time Limit: Students will have a limited time to complete the exam which must be done in one sitting.

What do students receive after they complete and pass the exam?
After passing a certification exam, students will receive a congratulations email including their downloadable certificate!

Do certifications expire?

No, CodeHS certifications do not expire.

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