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The CodeHS Python Level 1 Certification Exam proves students’ foundational understanding of Python topics and concepts. This certification can serve as a stepping stone for students’ career aspirations and help build programming skill credibility. This Certification is approved by the Virginia Department of Education and the South Carolina Department of Education!

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Exam Format

  • Format: 45 Multiple Choice Questions

  • Delivery Method: Online Timed Exam

Topics & Concepts Covered

Data Types and Operators

  • Floats, Strings, Ints

  • Logical

  • Comparison

  • Arithmetic



  • For

  • While

  • Break

  • Continue

Program Structure

  • Commenting

  • White Space

  • Indenting

  • Functions

  • Parameters

Error Handling


  • List Methods

  • Indexing and Slicing


  • String Methods

  • Indexing and Slicing


There are no prerequisites to take the CodeHS Python Level 1 Certification Exam. However, we recommend that students take the CodeHS Introduction to Python Course to prepare for the exam.

Interested in bringing CodeHS Python Level 1 Certifications to your school? Request a quote or contact our team at to learn how.

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