With announcements, teachers can send a message to all students in a section. Students will see a notification on the top navigation bar and on their student page when an announcement is posted. Students can see a list of all of their announcements by clicking My Announcements in their side navigation panel.

To send an Announcement from your Roster page:

  1. From your Teacher Page, click the section you would like to access. 
  2. Click the blue Announcements button 
  3. Write your announcement and click Publish to a Section

Pin an Announcement to a Section

After you publish your announcement, click the Pin icon to pin it to your section. Pinned announcements will remain visible to students even after they are read.

Note: only one announcement can be pinned to a section at a time.

To send an Announcement from the Toolbox:

  1. Navigate to the Full Toolbox by clicking Toolbox>View Full Toolbox>View All Tools and choose Announcements. Or visit the following link: codehs.com/announcements
  2. Before you write your message, choose the section you want to send an announcement to by clicking ‘switch section’
  3. Write your announcement and click Publish to a Section

You can view past announcements at the bottom of the Announcements page, and you can see who has viewed the announcement by hovering your cursor over the blue eye icon.

Student view:

Announcements are available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at hello@codehs.com.

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