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Tracking Student Activity
Tracking Student Engagement on CodeHS
Tracking Student Engagement on CodeHS

Remotely track and view your students' attendance, login history, and most recent activity

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With CodeHS Pro, you can track your students' real-time activity, as well as their attendance, first login time each day, most recent activity, and total time spent on CodeHS.

The Real-Time Activity Dashboard

The Real-Time Activity Dashboard allows you to see the current activity of students in your Section. As students open, work on, and submit their assignments, the Dashboard will update in real time. Clicking on the name of an assignment will take you to that student's assignment.

Animated .gif demonstrating student activity updating in real time

To navigate to Dashboard, click Progress > Real-Time Dashboard, or click here to jump directly to it. To learn more about tracking progress and grades with the Real-Time Activity Dashboard, click here.

Viewing Section Attendance

To view attendance for a section, click on the section in your teacher page, then click Attendance at the top of the roster:

Click the Attendance button on the top of your section's roster page

This will take you to the section attendance. Here you can see each student's activity for the date selected:

Section Attendance page showing student name, present, time student was active

Understanding Section Attendance

  • Students are marked Present if they login to CodeHS on the selected date

  • Time first active is the time when they logged into CodeHS 

  • Most recent activity is the last time that a student worked on a CodeHS activity

  • Total time is the total amount of time a student spent on CodeHS that day

View a Student's Daily Activity

Click on the person icon to see a student's site activity for that date. Read more about a student's Daily Activity Feed here.

Viewing Weekly Attendance

Click the Weekly Attendance button on the right-hand side to view a section's attendance overview for a week. You can navigate between weeks by clicking the arrow buttons. 

Weekly Section attendance showing present/absence status for each student over 7 days

Viewing Past Attendance

To view attendance for past dates, just click on the date in the white box to select a new date.

Clicking on date brings up calendar. You can navigate to past dates to see attendance history.

Attendance Tool Video Tutorial

Attendance is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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