The Attendance tool allows you to track your students' attendance, first login time each day, and their most recent activity.

Viewing Section Attendance

To view attendance for a section, click on the section in your teacher page, then click Attendance at the top of the roster:

This will take you to the section attendance. Here you can see each student's activity for the date selected:

Understanding Section Attendance

  • Students are marked Present if they login to CodeHS on the selected date
  • Time first active is the time when they logged into CodeHS 
  • Most recent activity is the last time that a student worked on a CodeHS activity

Viewing Weekly Attendance

Click the Weekly Attendance button on the right-hand side to view a section's attendance overview for a week. You can navigate between weeks by clicking the arrow buttons. 

Viewing Past Attendance

To view attendance for past dates, just click on the date in the white box to select a new date.

Attendance is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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