Modifying Student Grades

Change student grades after the assignment passes the autograder

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Free Feature

Modifying a student's grade can be done anytime. Whether the final grade was given by the CodeHS autograder or you graded the student's assignment yourself, the steps to modify a grade are the same. You can also use these step to assign partial or extra credit.

Modify Grades from the Code Editor: 

  1. Go to the student's program in the Code Editor    

  2. In the Code Editor visit the new Grade tab   

  3. Enter the updated score in the Score field, from here you can also provide feedback, select Needs Work or Finalize the students grade               

  4. Click Submit Grade and this will be reflected in the Gradebook 

  5. Under Grading History you can view the student's grade over time.

Change student score in Grade tab

Pro Feature

Edit Grades in the Gradebook:

  1. In the Gradebook click on Edit

  2. Hover over the score you want to change and enter the new score

  3. Clicking enter will then move to the next student

  4. Status will update for assignments submitted or submitted after review

  5. Click Done when finished

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