Modifying a student's grade can be done anytime. Whether the final grade was given by the CodeHS autograder or you graded the student's assignment yourself, the steps to modify a grade are the same.

Modify Grades from the Code Editor: 

  1. Go to the student's program in the Code Editor    
  2. In the Code Editor visit the new Grade tab   
  3. Enter the updated score in the Score field, from here you can also provide feedback, select Needs Work or Finalize the students grade               
  4. Click Submit Grade and this will be reflected in the Gradebook 
  5. Under Grading History you can view the student's grade over time.

Modify Grades from the Gradebook:

  1. Navigate to the Gradebook from the top navigation bar of your teacher page or in the CodeHS Toolbox
  2. Find the student and his/her assignment you want to modify and click on their current grade. This will drive you to the Code Editor for that assignment.    
  3. In the Code Editor, visit the new Grade tab
  4. Here you will see four buttons: "Award Full Credit", "Give Zero", "Mark Finalized", and "Mark Needs Work". 

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