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Why Teach Introduction to Computer Science in Python:

Introduction to Python teaches the fundamentals of computer programming as well as some advanced features of the Python language. Students use what they learn in this course to build simple console-based games. This course is equivalent to a semester-long introductory Python course at the college level.

There are currently two versions of the course, one teaching Python 2 and the other teaching Python 3.

GIF showing Tracy the Turtle drawing a red box when the user runs their program

What’s Covered in Introduction to Computer Science in Python:

In this course, students learn the fundamental concepts of programming - concepts that can be applied in the study of any programming language. Students also dive into specific features of the Python programming language. Below is a summary of the material covered in each module:

Table showing all modules for Intro to Computer Science in Python

Prerequisites and Curriculum Pathway:


This course does not assume any prior programming experience. Learn the basics of programming, and then gradually harness the power of some of Python's more advanced features to make games and solve real-world problems.

Students can take this course as their first introduction to computer science or as a secondary introductory course that explores a new language, after our Introduction to Computer Science in JavaScript.

Curriculum Pathway

Curriculum pathway incorporating Intro to Computer Science in Python


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