Free Feature

In the Code Editor: 

Once an assignment is submitted (and graded by either the teacher or the CodeHS Autograder), students can navigate to the Grade tab in the code editor. 

Under the Grade tab, students will see their current grade and status for this assignment. It will also say "Finalized" or "Needs Work" which will signify to the student if they need to resubmit it.

Viewing grades from Grade tab

If a grade is changed by the teacher, it will automatically reflect under the Grade tab for the student to see. It will also show the Grading History (as shown above).

Pro Feature

In their Grade Report:

On Pro, you can select whether or not you want students to see their grade report in the CodeHS Gradebook. 

To give students permission to see their grade report, go to Configure in the CodeHS Gradebook. Under Student Permissions, you can select "Students can view their grade report". 

Note: The default setting is to not show students their grade report.

Configure Gradebook settings to allow students to view Grade Report

Once permission is granted, students will see a "My Grades" link appear under their My Links folder on the lefthand navigation bar (see below). 

Image of My Graders tab in left navigation bar

The "My Grades" link will send them to their Grade Report (see below).

Image of Grader Report

The Gradebook is only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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