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Uploading a File to Your Program
Uploading a File to Your Program

Upload images, sounds, and other files to use in CodeHS programs

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Students can upload images and other files from their computers to add to their programs in the Code Editor. Uploading a .zip file will unzip and add all files to the program. Note: the file size limit is roughly 3 megabytes.

Uploading a File

  1. From the Code Editor, click More > Upload.

  2. Browse for the file you would like to upload > Open

  3. Copy and paste the URL to use in your program

Gif showing how to upload image from More > Upload tab.

Accepted Image types:

  • APNG (.apng)

  • BMP (.bmp)

  • GIF (.gif)

  • ICO (.ico)

  • CUR (.cur)

  • JPG (.jpg)

  • JFIF (.jfif)

  • JPEG (.jpeg)

  • PDF (.pdf)

  • PJPEG (.pjpeg)

  • PJP (.pjp)

  • PNG (.png)

  • SVG (.svg)

  • TIF (.tif)

  • TIFF (.tiff)

  • WEBP (.webp)

Uploading an Audio File

MP3 files may also be added and used in programs in the Code Editor.

Uploading a PDF File

To upload a PDF to your program:

  1. Navigate to the More tab, located on the right side of the IDE

  2. Select Upload from the drop-down menu > click Upload File

  3. Locate your PDF on your computer (the file will be temporarily grayed out or unavailable)

  4. Click Show Options, located at the bottom of the pop-up modal

  5. Change the Format field from Custom Files to All Files > Click Open to upload your PDF

.gif of uploading a pdf file to a codehs program

Uploading a file in Multi-File Programs

Some program types on CodeHS, such as Java and HTML, allow you to create multiple files for your program. Note: Multi-file programs are not supported with all assignment types.

  1. Click New > Upload File

  2. Drag and Drop the file or choose Browse

  3. Open > Add File

Gif showing how to upload image on multi file programs.

The uploaded file will be added to the file tree in your Code Editor. If uploading an image file, you can copy and paste the URL to use in your program. Learn more about Creating & Managing Multi-file Programs.

List of Uploaded Files

To see a list of every file that's been uploaded to your account and its URL:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Code History

  2. Under File Uploads, click My Uploads

Navigate to account settings to see a list of all uploaded files

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