Using the CSP Reader’s Question Bank

Explore what the CSP Reader's Bank is and how to use it to review for the AP CSP exam.

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The CSP Readers bank are quiz questions created and reviewed by the AP CSP Reader group that you can find in the CodeHS Quiz Question bank. You can search and sort based on whether or not an exercise is in the CSP Reader’s Question Bank.

To Access the CSP Readers Bank

  1.  Open up your toolbox and select Quiz Question Bank

  2. On the filter options, check the box for the CSP Readers Question Bank and press Filter

The resulting questions are CSP Reader approved! You can filter the questions by Enduring Understanding, Learning Objective, and Essential Knowledge in order to target specific skills and concepts. You can read about the AP CSP standards here.

Animated .gif showing the flow of going to Tool box > Quiz Question Bank and filtering by CSP Readers Question Bank

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