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Following CodeHS Blogs to Learn about New Updates
Following CodeHS Blogs to Learn about New Updates

Follow CodeHS blogs for updates to our product and resources!

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Stay up to date with all things CodeHS! We have a number of blogs to follow how the company works as well as resources for teachers and schools. Click Follow at the top of any blog to subscribe to updates:

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Read Write Code

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Read Write Code is our main blog for all things CodeHS and computer science education. Follow Read Write Code here!

Coding in the Wild

Coding in the Wild Banner

Coding in the Wild is a blog showcasing the amazing applications of computer science across industries. Follow Coding in the Wild here!

Curriculum Changelog

Heading reads curriculum changelog

The CodeHS Curriculum Changelog is the best place to stay up-to-date on changes and updates to our curriculum. Follow the Curriculum Changelog here!

Product Changelog

heading reads CodeHS product updates

We're always looking for ways to improve CodeHS for students and teachers, and we document all of our updates in our Product Changelog. To stay up-to-date on CodeHS updates, check out our Product Changelog here!

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