Reviewing a Course Syllabus

CodeHS offers a syllabus with detailed curriculum and pacing guide for all courses.

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View a Syllabus from your Teacher Page

From your Teacher Page, you can quickly view a syllabus for a course you are teaching by following these steps:

  1. Click into a section

  2. Click the blue Resources button on the right

  3. Click the Syllabus button to load the syllabus

View a Syllabus from the Course Catalog

Using the CodeHS Course Catalog, you can find the syllabus and course overview for each course on CodeHS. To navigate to Course Catalog from your Toolbox, go to Resources > Course Catalog:

highlight of tool box in top nav, arrow points to course catalog under resources

From the Course Catalog, you can use the Middle School, High School, State dropdown, or category buttons to filter courses from our catalog. You can also select All or search for a specific course:

Each entry in the Course Catalog also includes a View Syllabus button:

arrow points to view syllabus button under course description in the Course Catalog

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