One great thing about taking a CodeHS course as an Individual Learner is that you get help from our network of college computer science tutors. Any time you submit an exercise, you’ll get instant feedback from our system. Then, our tutors will grade the problem for you and provide additional feedback. If you get stuck, you can ask our tutors a question and receive a fast response. Tutors will help with debugging, and are an essential part of the virtual learning experience.

If you would like to reach out and ask your tutor a question visit the "Help" tab from the code editor.

In the text box provided, type your question to the tutor and "Send."

When tutors respond you will see their response as a "Message" on your homepage. To write back to the tutor, simply reopen the code editor and comment back. The code editor will store your full conversation so you can refer back to it as you work through the course.

Please note: Tutors support Pro teachers and Individual learners on the grading plan. This does not apply to students taking CodeHS courses in schools.

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