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Students have the option of taking notes while watching videos to help them remember key concepts.  

To take notes:

Students can  click on the Take Notes link in the bottom right corner of any video

Screenshot of video page highlighting the Take Notes icon in the bottom-right

To access video notes from assignment page:

  1. Students can go to the assignment associated with the lesson from the video

  2. Click on More>Slides

  3. You can view all notes from the videos under Notes from Video 

Animated .gif showing the process of going to More > Slides to access and take notes

To access video notes from Side Navigation bar:

  1. Students can see the Side Navigation bar on left of their home screen

  2. Click on My Notes

  3. Students can view and edit all video notes from the section here

Animated .gif demonstrating how to access video notes from the side navigation bar

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