To get started, you first need to create a Karel activity in your playlist. If you need help creating a playlist go here:

After you’ve written the description and solution code for your program, you should select the “Karel Worlds” tab and choose “Edit Karel Worlds.”

You will then be taken to this page, which shows Karel’s default starter world. If you want to edit this world or add a solution, choose “Edit.”

From this page you can edit Karel’s starter world. You can add walls, change the size of the world, etc. You can also add a solution or a result world, which is what the world should look like at the end of the program. To create a solution world, you should select, “Add Solution.”

To  edit your solution world, you can Select an Action, like “Add Ball,” “Remove Ball,” or “Move Karel.” Once you’ve set up the actions that your code will run, you can select “Save” to save your Solution world. 

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