There are two ways to add a course to your section from the course catalog.

First, head to to find information on all of the courses that we offer on CodeHS. From there, simply click the "Enroll My Sections" button for whichever course you'd like students to be enrolled in. 

From there, you can choose which section you would like to enroll in that course by switching the tab next to your section to read “Yes”.

Once you enroll your sections, your students will be able to access this additional course from "My Courses" on their student page.

Here is the second way to enroll your section in another course using the course catalog.

You can reach the course catalog page directly from your CodeHS section. On your Teacher Dashboard, click the “Edit Class” button located on the side of the section that you wish to add another course to.

From the Section Settings page, scroll down to Course and Playlist Enrollment and  click “Add More Courses from the Catalog” button. This will take you to the course catalog, where you can then enroll your section.

It’s important to note that when you enroll students in an additional course, it will not be the main course for that section. For more information on main courses and how to switch that, please refer to this help article:

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