How do I grade on the Free Plan?

There are a few different ways to grade on the free plan. You can select submissions from your Code Review Dashboard, your Submission queue, or from an individual student’s user page. 

1. Code Review Dashboard: On the free plan, all student submissions can be found on your Code Review Dashboard. Click on a submission to be taken to that exercise in the student’s code editor. From there you can run the code and assign a grade in the “Help” tab. 

To save time, you can open up multiple tabs with submissions from the Code Review Dashboard.

2. Submission Feed: Grading with the submission feed is very similar to grading with the main Code Review Dashboard, but this way you will be able to view a longer list of submissions on your screen. The other main difference is that the submissions queue will show the most recent submissions first, whereas the Code Review Dashboard will show the earliest submissions first. 

To grade with the Submission Feed, select the Submission Feed tab and then click on the button to code review for the “Student” for each exercise. You can save time by opening multiple tabs. 

3. Finally, you can grade by selecting exercises from a student’s user page. This is the best way to grade submissions for an individual student and is also the best way to view student quiz questions on the Free Plan.


Select a student’s name on your roster page to be taken to their user page. From there, click on the icon for the exercise you wish to view and send the grade through the “Help” tab. 

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