Yes! CodeHS Pro now supports customization of point values for exercises within the automatic gradebook. By using the Grading Schema "My Custom Points," you can choose your own point values. From the Gradebook page for a class, click the "Configure" button at the top right.

In the modal that opens, you will need to choose the Grading Schema "My Custom Points":

After selecting the schema "My Custom Points," you will notice that an Edit button appears in the Total Possible row in the top of the gradebook table:

The possible points for each exercise default to the CodeHS-assigned points value. However, if you click "Edit" button, the possible points values become editable, and you can set the points as desired:

Upon editing a points value, a green checkmark will appear to show that the update was successful. Your custom point values will now be used to calculate student grades.

The CodeHS Gradebook is a Pro feature. If you would like to learn more about the Gradebook and other features on CodeHS, you can email

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