To customize your Gradebook settings, first click on the "Configure" button: 

From here, you can customize the following: 

  1. Grading Schema - Select how you would like the grade values to be determined. There are 3 options: Linear Scaling ("Pass" = 1pt, "Needs Work" = 2pts), Pass Only ("Pass" = 1pt, "Needs Work = 0 pts), Scaled by Difficulty (Point values determined by CodeHS), and My Custom Points (Customize your own point values).
  2. Activities to Show - You can focus on all assignments in the selected module or course, including both exercises and quizzes. Alternatively, you can decide to focus on only exercises or only quizzes by checking and unchecking the correlating boxes.

On the main Gradebook page, you can adjust the Expected Progress with the exercise you expect all of your students to have completed. This will calculate the grades based on course completion up until this point in the course, as opposed to the entire module.

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