The Gradebook is a Pro teacher tool on CodeHS that teachers can use to translate student progress through courses into letter grades that they can pull out of CodeHS. You can find the Gradebook from the Toolbox at the top of any page under the 'Code Review' tab.


Here are some different features of the gradebook:

  • Color-Coded Heat Map: the gradebook is color-coded so you can quickly determine student progress on assignments. 
  • Expected Progress: this is the point in the curriculum that teachers can define and state that students should be at. Students at the Expected Progress point (or beyond), will have an A in the class.

Teachers can also customize their Gradebook by selecting “Configure” in the upper right corner. Configure allows you to change the Grading Schema as well as what Activities are shown.

  • Grading Schema: this is the rubric that attributes point values to grading statuses of student exercises. There are four Grading Schema available for teachers: Linear Scaling, Pass Only, Scaled by Difficulty, and My Custom Points. 
  • Activities to Show: this is where teacher chooses which activities they want to be reflected in the Gradebook (exercises and/or quizzes). When showing quizzes, teachers have the ability to switch between showing the number of questions answered correctly and showing points based on the grading schema chosen.

There's a lot more to the Gradebook, including the ability to sort and filter by different modules or entire courses, but this covers the basic functionality. 

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