Magic Grading the grading system on CodeHS that helps save teachers hundreds of hours over the course of a school year. As students work through exercises, they receive Instant Feedback to let them know whether their program runs or not. With Magic Grading, teachers spend less time grading, and students receive more of the feedback they need on their exercises. 

While Magic Grading is the term for the whole system, there are different components of Magic Grading:

Code Review allows teachers to manage a queue of student submissions and help questions. From the Code Review Dashboard teachers can access different grading tools such as Grade Mode, Fast Grade and Queue Settings.

Grade Mode takes teachers from one submission to the next in their queue, allowing them to run student programs and grade from the Help tab. Grade Mode is a Pro tool.

Fast Grade allows teachers to review student code side by side with solution code and grade much more efficiently. Fast Grade is a Pro tool.

Queue Settings allows teachers to choose exactly what exercises should, and should not be sent to their queue. Teachers can control this on a course, module, lesson or activity basis. Queue Settings is a Pro tool (on Free plan all exercises are automatically sent to the queue).

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