CodeHS' Magic Grading system is designed to make grading on CodeHS easy and efficient for teachers.  Behind Magic Grading is Instant Feedback, which is the system of code checks that every exercise on CodeHS is run through when students run and check their code.  If students have major functional issues with their program, that exercise won't pass Instant Feedback and won't be able to be submitted until those issues are fixed.

The main page teachers can access grading tools from is the Code Review dashboard.  The Code Review dashboard has several different parts:

  1. Grading and Help Queues: On the code review dashboard you'll find two different queues, one for help messages that students have submitted, and one for exercise submissions that students have submitted.  You can click on any of these questions or submissions individually to be taken to the Editor page for that exercise.  However, if you'd like to work through your queue more efficiently you can click Help Mode, Grade Mode or Fast Grade.
  2. Help Mode + Grade Mode: Help Mode and Grade Mode take you from one questions or submission to the next, without having to return to the Code Review dashboard.  Once you have answered all questions or graded all submissions in the queue you will be returned to the Code Review dashboard
  3. Fast Grade: Fast Grade is a great tool to help you grade a bunch of student submissions in a row.  In Fast Grade you'll see a student's code pulled up side by side with the solution code, with the option to send a comment and/or grade for that exercise.  Once you grade an exercise in Fast Grade you will be taken to the next exercise in the queue.  In the top left corner of Fast Grade you can find options to filter and sort by class, student, exercise etc.
  4. Queue Settings: At the top of the Code Review Dashboard you can find a subpage for Queue Settings.  Queue Settings is where you control exactly which student exercises get sent to your queue, and which do not.  By default each course has a handful of exercises from each module sent to the queue, but you can customize exactly what goes to your grading queue using Queue Settings.
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