There are many teacher tools and features available to you on CodeHS Pro. You can view the features listed below. 

  • Comprehensive Student Progress Tracking Tools
  • Detailed Lesson Plans for Every Lesson
  • Problem Guides for Every Programming Exercise
  • Save Hundreds of Hours with Magic Grading
  • Offline Classroom Handouts and Activities
  • Customizable Gradebook
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple Choice and Project Based Assessments
  • Award Custom Badges to Students
  • Create Unlimited Problems and Playlists
  • Customize your own Courses with Create
  • Add, Remove, Reorder CodeHS Courses
  • Control Student Pacing with Access Controls
  • Set Assignment Due Dates
  • Assessment Reports
  • Export Student Data to Your SIS (.XLS or .CSV)
  • Teach Exactly the Right Course with Course Flavors
  • Cheat Detection Suite

CodeHS Pro

Everything your school needs to offer an amazing computer science program, all in one place.

Save Time with Lesson Plans

On Pro, every CodeHS lesson comes with a detailed lesson plan, ensuring that your prepared for each day. Learn More

Visualize and Analyze Student Progress Data

Teachers use the many progress tracking tools available on Pro to track exactly where students are in a given course, and to run a self-paced or more traditional class. Learn more about Progress Tracking and Access Controls.

Assess Student Learning and Mastery

With our assessment tools and reports, you'll have access to exactly the data you need to determine what students need more support on.

CodeHS Create and Custom Playlists

The CodeHS create allows you to use our powerful tools to create custom playlist to add as additional content for your students to work on. You can create content in any coding language CodeHS offers adding your own quizzes, videos, exercises, examples, and more. Learn more with this two webinars, CodeHS Webinar: Create and CodeHS Webinar: Problem, Playlist & Quiz Question Banks

To access the create tools, just click on the Toolbox and select the CodeHS create tool you want to use. 

Seamless Grading

The CodeHS customizable Gradebook makes it easy to turn student progress and performance on CodeHS into grade, and to export that data to any external system. Learn More

To get Pro for your school or sign up for a Pro trial, contact our team at We'd be happy to chat!

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