Some elementary assignments include starter code for students. This starter code provides the main framework for the lesson and will help students get coding faster with more complex programs.

There are a few ways to share this starter code with students.

Adding the Starter Code to Studio Description or "What We're Working On" in Scratch

Use this method to post the link to starter code in Scratch so students can access it.

  1. Go to the CodeHS lesson plan > Look under Lesson Preparation > Copy the url link to the starter code.

  2. In Scratch, Go to My Classes

    1. Click Studios > New Class Studio > Paste the link into the studio description


    2. Click on Settings tab > Paste the link under What the Class is working on

See how this is done in this short video:

Giving Students a direct link or have them add to a bookmarked url

Use this method to give students a direct link to the starter code where they can hit Remix and begin working.

  • Teachers can have students bookmark the scratch site ahead of time. Note: this url leads to a blank page - students will need to fill in the rest of the url to get to the starter code.

  • Teachers can then give students the 9-digit unique code for the assignment. Students can add this code at the end of the url. The url can also be prepared before and given to students to copy or paste it into the browser.

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