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A CAPTCHA is a challenge used to determine if the user of a computer is human or not. On CodeHS, the challenge will ask you to complete a puzzle to verify that you are human. Once you complete the challenge, you will be redirected to the correct CodeHS page.

Why am I seeing this?

Our team's top priority is to make sure our tools are working correctly, so we’ve introduced a few features, including this human verification, to ensure the safety of CodeHS and prevent disruptions. Check out Denial of Service to learn more about one of the security threats that CAPTCHAs help prevent.

Why do my students see this multiple times?

CodeHS tracks the number of web requests from a single computer within a specific time to prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Once a computer hits the target number, we ask for another verification. In some cases, a school network is set up in a way where all of the students' computers appear as one. If this is the case, students may see the verification challenge more often. However, each time the limit is reached, only one student in the school should have to complete the Captcha.

Thank you for helping to keep CodeHS safe!

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