Opening and using ScratchJr files requires a mobile device that has ScratchJr installed. It's not possible to view these files on a laptop or computer.

To Open these files, follow the following steps:

  • First, open ScratchJr and go to the projects page. The app must be open to this page to open a downloaded project:

The file will be most likely be located in Google Drive or downloaded onto the device. Here is how to open the ScratchJr File for different types of devices:


Only touchscreen Chromebooks that can install Android apps are able to access these files.

  • Open the file from the lesson plan.

  • Press the Download button .

  • Go to your Files app (you can press the “O” button on the bottom left of your task bar, and then “Files”).

  • Select the downloaded file and it will open in ScratchJr.


  • Tap on the link (in the lesson plan), which will open the file in Google Drive.

  • Tap the “...” on the top right of the file, and then tap “Download”.

  • Go to your Files app, and find the downloaded file in your Downloads.

  • Tap the file and it will open the project in ScratchJr.

iOS (iPad):

  • Tap on the link (in the lesson plan) on your iPad/iPhone, which will open the file in Google Drive.

  • Tap the “...” menu on the top right, and then tap “Open in,” which should then display this:

  • Select ScratchJr, and then the program will show up in your projects.

For all devices:

The imported project will have a blue gift bow on it and is now ready to be opened!

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