Note: This help article is intended for teachers who are using a Scratch Teacher Account. Students in each class should also have a Scratch account. If you aren't using this setup, you'll be unable to use Scratch Studios.

Creating Studios for Student Work

Studios allow you to create collections of student projects for specific classes or assignments. This makes it easier for students to share finalized work with you and their peers. It also makes it easier for students to collaborate and be inspired by each other’s work.

Creating studios for your classes

  • Log into your teacher account and click My Classes on your home page.

  • Next to the thumbnail for the class you’d like to create a studio for, you’ll see your options.

  • Click Studios.

  • Click the button that reads + New Class Studio

  • A window will pop up asking you to name your studio and add a description.

  • Once you’re finished filling out the fields, click Add Class Studio. Your studio has been created!

Providing Students with Access to Starter Code

If there is started code for a project, you can give students access to this by using the What We're Working On field in the Class Studio.

Adding projects to your studio

Students can add projects to your studios by clicking Share>Add to Studios when they are logged into their student account. You can also manually add projects to your studio:

  • To add student projects to your studio, go to your class, and click the Studios tab.

  • Next, click the title of the studio you’d like to add projects to.

Click Add projects, at the top left of the studio page

  • A dark gray bar will pop up at the bottom of the page. This bar includes several options.

  • Select My Students’ Projects.

  • Thumbnail images for your students’ projects will pop up below. As you click each project, it will be added to the studio.

  • If you’d like students to be able to add their own projects, click the checkbox next to Allow anyone to add projects.

Tip: uncheck this box after your students have added their projects. This will prevent people from accidentally adding projects to the wrong studio.

Creating thumbnails for studios

  • Adding thumbnails to your studios makes it easier for both you and your students to find the studio you’re looking for.

  • The correct size for studio thumbnails is 200 pixels wide, by 130 pixels high.

  • Once you’ve chosen an image, visit your class or studio, hover over the placeholder image and click Change.

  • Upload the thumbnail you’ve created.

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