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Why Teach Artificial Intelligence

Who Should Take This Course?

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A preview of the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course is available now for beta testing. The full course will be available for teachers to create their own sections by July 30th, 2021.

How To Access the AI Course Beta

  1. Join the AI Course Beta section here:

  2. Enter this course code: 8BF3D

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AI Course Webinar Recording

This webinar was hosted on May 4th, 2021.

[View the webinar slides here.]

Why Teach Artificial Intelligence

The CodeHS Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course teaches students important programming concepts that enable the use of Artificial Intelligence in computer science and society at large. Students learn how to incorporate basic Artificial Intelligence algorithms in their own work, and consider the social and ethical implications of how Artificial Intelligence is used, and how it plans to be used.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is intended for high school students who have finished Introduction to Python 3. The course will be accessible to all types of classrooms, with 3 versions available: an introductory module, a month-long course, and a full-semester course.

  • The introductory module can be added to any existing course, or put in supplemental materials, so that teachers can introduce AI topics to students in any class.

  • The month-long course is intended for teachers who are interested in teaching students some of the basics of AI, without spending an entire semester diving into the topic.

  • The full semester course is a deep dive into AI; students will cover a gaming module, learn how to create a chatbot, and how to make predictive models. By the end of the course, students develop a series of projects that illustrate the variety of ways Artificial Intelligence can be used to optimize and predict information and processes.

Demo Programs

Connect Four

Animated gif showing a demo of the Connect Four game in the Artificial Intelligence AI Course on CodeHS

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Course Modules

What is AI?
Students learn what defines AI, how it is used, how it plans to be used, and the social and ethical implications of its use in society.

AI in Gaming
Students learn how AI has been used in gaming and other applications, and create an unbeatable computer Tic Tac Toe player!

Creating Predictive Models
Students learn how to make predictive models using linear and logistical regression, and create their own predictive models using complex data sets.

AI and Chatbots
Students learn how chatbots are developed to interact with humans, and create a chatbot of their own to aid a business or app.

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