If your school has purchased a license for Pro access, you can convert Free sections to Pro from the License page in your Toolbox.

Click this link to access the License page: https://codehs.com/toolbox/license

If your school’s license has available sections of Pro access, you can click the green Add button next to any of your sections to activate Pro. When there are no more available sections on the license, the buttons will be disabled.

Understanding the License Information Page

  • Your School’s License: Mini Section, Pro Section, Silver, Gold, or Unlimited
  • License Duration: This is the start and end dates for your Pro access.
  • Sections Purchased / Used: The left column lists the total number of Pro sections your school has access to. The right column lists how many Pro sections are currently in use.
  • School: The name of your school
  • District: The district of your school


Banners will appear throughout the site to prompt you to activate sections of Pro available to you.

Teacher Page

From your main Teacher Page, if you are on a license with remaining Pro sections available, click the link in the banner at the top to go to your License Toolbox page:

Roster Page

When clicking into a section, you will also see a banner on your Section Roster page displaying how many Pro sections are available on your school’s license. Click the Apply button to directly apply Pro to this section:

Section Settings

You can view license information and add sections from the Section Settings page. This page is accessed using the gear icon in the top-right corner of the section page. Teachers can view license information and also add the section to the license using the green Add button at the bottom (if applicable).

Account Settings License View

You can also view license information from your Account Settings page. In the top-right corner, click the tab with your name and go to Account Settings:

Then click the Licenses tab on the left-hand navigation bar to load your school's License Information, identical to the toolbox License page:

Video Overview

License Toolbox is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at hello@codehs.com.

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