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Administrator Dashboard

With this powerful dashboard, school and district administrators can track student data across multiple schools and classrooms

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School and district administrators can access the Administrator Dashboard by switching to Administrator using the drop-down menu on the left-hand sidebar:

By the Numbers

At the top of the page, you'll see an overview of your data that includes the number of Schools, Teachers, and Sections.

Image: Admin data

To break down the top-level data, you can filter by Status, License, and School Level:

.gif showing the different statuses, licenses, and school levels you can filter by

You can also Save the data as a PDF or export it to different types of data files:

Save and download data as different file types

Data Tracking

The Data Tracking section allows you to view activity for each school and filter progress by Sections, by students, or by teachers.

Viewing Activity

Under Data Tracking, you can choose to either view the activity heat map for an individual school or for all of the schools that are using CodeHS in your district.

Image: Filter data by school

Image: Data for individual school

A denser, darker heat map indicates more coding activity on the site:

Image: Activity heat map

Viewing Progress

Under Data Tracking, you can utilize the drop-down menu to view Progress by Sections, by students, or by teachers.

Image: View progress data by section, student, or teachers

Image: Progress bar tracker

Viewing Activity by Week

Below the Data Tracking pane, you'll see Student, Teacher, and Section Activity broken down by week. Hover your mouse over any bar to see the specific number:

Image: Student activity by week
Section activity by week
Teacher activity by week

The Administrator Dashboard is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school or district, contact our team at

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