Students can collaborate on programs using a logged-out version of the CodeHS Sandbox.

To find the logged-out version of the sandbox, students can log out of their CodeHS accounts, go to and click Write Code at the top of the page. 

Program Types

Javascript, Java, HTML, SQL, C,C++, and more!

After choosing a programming language, students will be taken to a Sandbox editor:

This sandbox will have a unique URL. When one student makes changes to the program, they can share it with their classmate to collaborate. 

The key is that all collaborators must be logged out of CodeHS. If students are logged in, the program will be associated with their account, and their teammates will not be able to access it. 

Steps for Creating a Shared Sandbox Program

  1. Log out of CodeHS, then go to
  2. Click Write Code at the top of the page to get to this Sandbox
  3. Copy the URL at the top of the page to share with teammates and collaborate on a program!

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