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In response to disruptions due to the coronavirus, the College Board has altered the format for 2020 AP exams. CodeHS has an array of resources to help you and your students prepare for the exam, including modifications for the 2020 school year. College Board also has published course-specific resources that include updated schedules and exam information.

AP Computer Science A

The AP Computer Science A exam will be held on Friday, May 15 at 4pm ET. The exam will consist of one 25 minute FRQ and one 15 minute FRQ. Students will have 5 minutes to submit their response after each question. 

There will be no multiple-choice portion, and the exam will only cover topics from Units 1-7 of the CodeHS AP CSA Nitro course. There will be no questions on 2D Arrays, Inheritance, or Recursion. 

To prepare students for this modified exam, we have developed a review course for the 2020 AP CSA exam. This course provides information on how FRQ questions are scored, and has four brand new FRQ questions for student practice. 

Modified Review: AP CSA

AP Computer Science Principles

There will be no end-of-year exam in Computer Science Principles–the AP Exam score will be computed from the Create and Explore Performance Tasks. The Create Performance Task will account for 60% of the exam score, and the Explore Performance Task will account for 40%. The deadline for submission of Performance Questions in the Digital Portfolio is extended to May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET.

AP CSP Resources

Webinar: Preparing Students for the AP CSP Exam

Helping Students Complete Performance Tasks at Home

College Board has shared the following information regarding AP Computer Science courses during school closures:

As a teacher you can assign the performance tasks during digital learning days. This is similar to how students who take the course online would manage the completion of performance tasks. Some things to consider:

  1. Is this when you would normally assign students to complete their performance tasks? And have you sufficiently covered the material necessary for students to complete their performance task? If not, then you should concentrate your efforts on ensuring you have covered the course materials. Our AP-endorsed providers have materials that can support your students learning material from home.
  2. Once students are back to school, how will you support students who had challenges accessing the technology necessary to complete their performance task? This should be similar to how you would support students who were absent during your in class administration of the performance task.

To learn about ways you can monitor students working from home on performance tasks, refer to page 79 of the Course and Exam Description - paragraph two discusses students who are taking the course online or as a homeschooled student. In these cases, students are held responsible for attesting to the originality of their work. You can also check the FAQ about students being able to work on their performance tasks outside of class here.

Submitting AP CSA Code to College Board

Students are able to write and run their code for the AP CSA Free Response Questions during the 2020 exam. Students may choose to use the CodeHS Sandbox to write their code and then submit their answers to the College Board.

Students have two options for submitting their code to College Board:

  • Copy their code from CodeHS and paste into College Board's website
  • Download their code as a .txt file from CodeHS and submit to College Board as an attachment.

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