Last year, we asked you what new courses you wanted to see from CodeHS. Based on your feedback, we’re so excited to announce our new courses that we are releasing in July 2020!

All new courses can be found in our Course Catalog!

Physical Computing

Middle School (micro:bit) & High School (Arduino)7–10 weeks for each mini-course

In this course, students will apply knowledge of basic programming concepts to create computing projects that interact with the physical world! They will learn how to perform basic physical tasks using LEDs, buttons, and simple sensors. We are developing a mini-course for middle school students using the micro:bit, and the high school mini-course will use the Arduino.

Web Development

High School — Full Year

This course is meant to be a capstone for students who have completed our Web Design course. It will introduce students to how JavaScript and HTML/CSS are used in tandem with one another, as well as other concepts in web development that are crucial for building websites off of CodeHS. Students should have experience with HTML and JavaScript before taking this course. Throughout this course, students will have many opportunities to build their own interactive web pages, flex their creativity, and let their interests guide their project topics!

Advanced Cybersecurity

High School — Full Year

The Advanced Cybersecurity course is for students who have completed our Introduction to Cybersecurity course and would like to dive into more advanced topics in the field. This course will include topics like advanced cryptography, cyber defense, advanced networking, and risk assessment. This is a capstone course for students looking to focus on cybersecurity, and it will prepare students for industry certification exams. We are also making some improvements to our Introduction to Cybersecurity course, so stay tuned for more information!

AP Computer Science Principles in Python

High School — Full Year

Our current AP Computer Science Principles course prepares students for the AP assessment and teaches students all required programming skills using JavaScript. In this course, all JavaScript programming lessons will be replaced with instruction in Python. We are excited to offer our teachers the choice between Python or JavaScript in their AP CSP classrooms.

Introduction to Python 3

High School — Full Year

Many of our teachers will be excited to hear that we are in the process of creating a new version of our Introduction to Python course so students are taught the basics using Python 3, instead of Python 2. We are updating all videos, quizzes, examples and exercises to teach and run Python 3, so you can teach your students the most up-to-date version of the language. 

Please note: the Python 2 version of this course will still be available for students who have already begun with that version.

Still have questions? Reach out to our team at to learn more!

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