All activities in CodeHS courses have a problem number associated with them.

Each Unit, or Module, will have a Module Number, each Lesson in the Module will have a Lesson Number, and each problem in a Lesson will have a Problem Number.

Here's an example outline that shows how the courses are organized.

1. Welcome
  1.1: First Lesson
    1.1.1: Video
    1.1.2: Quiz
    1.1.3: Example
    1.1.4: Exercise
  1.2: Next Lesson
    1.2.1: Another Video
    1.2.2: Quiz
2. Second Unit
  2.1: First Lesson in Unit 2
    2.1.1: Activity in unit 2, lesson 1

The numbers will always be in the format Module.Lesson.Problem  and they will default to being sequential.

Removing and Reordering (CodeHS Pro) Teachers with CodeHS Pro can remove or reorder problems, lessons, or modules in their Course.

The Module, Lesson, and Problem Numbers will **remain the same** as the original, even if you remove or reorder in the course, so you can always know what they're referring to in the original CodeHS course.

Removing and Reordering Assignments is only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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